Monday, December 6, 2010

I Write From the Heart

I write from the heart because there is no other way I know to write.  My mother’s family was from the North of Ireland, some of you might refer to this as Ulster.  My father’s family was almost completely wiped out in the Holocaust.  I am a mix of my mother and father.  I wish to bring you stories from my past.

Some of these stories might bring laughter to your life, while others might bring you to tears.  Nevertheless, I will write the truth.  I will tell the stories of my past that I do not wish to lose.  It could be that no one is interested in these stories, however, I believe that there are grains of golden wisdom within these stories from my past.

I want to leave them for others to read.  I want to read them for my children to read.  I hope that life lessons are learned from these stories I write.  I hope that something is learned from the mistakes of some of my family members.  Most of the time, the family members I write about will have already passed on.  Still, I think there is something relatively relieving about the telling of passed sorrows through writing and sharing it with other human beings.

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